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    Fuentes Fertilizantes

    Agricultural supplies: Fuentes Fertilizantes is the umbrella name under which Agromediterránea Business Group companies carry out their activities : R & D, testing, manufacturing, as well as marketing and distribution of the most complete range of fertilizers. Advertisement

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    Suppliers of organic desserts and drinks (non-dairy products) Located in the Mediterranen area of Murcia, considered as the orchard of Europe, Laboratorios Almond makes its products only with fresh vegetables, nuts, etc. from the best quality. A wide range of 100% non-diary desserts. Our aim is to develop healthy, nutrious Read more [...]

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    Suppliers of paprika, oleoresin, spices and products for the meat industry: Paprimur S.L, is a family business founded in 1949 and for three generations it has been dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of paprika, oleoresin, spices and products for the meat industry. Advertisement